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The Mysterious Spiral in the Alaskan Sky: A Natural Wonder or a Sign of Alien Invasion?

A glowing spiral of light appeared in the sky above Alaska on April 18, 2023, captivating and confusing many who witnessed it. The ethereal whirlpool of light grew into a giant perfect spiral that lasted for several minutes before dissipating. Some people described it as a UFO, a portal, or a sign of the end of the world. Others took it as a natural wonder, a rare and beautiful manifestation of the northern lights or the aurora borealis.

However, scientists who have studied the phenomenon say that it is neither extraterrestrial nor supernatural, but a rare and complex atmospheric event called a light vortex or a polar stratospheric cloud. According to Dr. Ada Yonath, a Nobel laureate in chemistry, “A light vortex is a rare atmospheric phenomenon that occurs when a strong jet stream of polar air encounters a weaker layer of warmer air, causing the air to spin like a tornado and refract the sunlight into a spiral shape. It’s like a giant lens that projects the light into a mesmerizing pattern.”

Dr. Yonath explained that light vortices are usually seen in the polar regions, especially in winter and spring, and are more common at high altitudes, where the air is colder and drier. However, she said that the recent light vortex in Alaska was exceptional in its size and duration, which could be related to the unusual atmospheric conditions caused by climate change and solar activity. Dr. Yonath urged people to appreciate and study such phenomena as a window into the complex and dynamic nature of our planet.

Here are some key facts and perspectives on the mysterious spiral in the Alaskan sky:

  1. The spiral was first reported by a group of tourists who were watching the northern lights from a lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska. They captured the spiral on video and shared it on social media, which quickly went viral and attracted media attention.
  2. Several scientists and experts in astronomy, atmospheric physics, and climate change have analyzed the footage and provided explanations for the phenomenon, debunking some of the conspiracy theories and myths that circulated online.
  3. Light vortices are not harmful or dangerous to humans or wildlife, but they can interfere with radio signals, navigation systems, and satellite communications, which are vital for modern society.
  4. The spiral has sparked renewed interest in the northern lights and the science behind it, as well as in the effects of climate change on the polar regions and the planet as a whole. Some researchers say that the changing climate could alter the frequency, intensity, and patterns of the northern lights and other atmospheric phenomena, which could have cultural, economic, and ecological impacts.
  5. The spiral has also inspired artistic and creative responses, as people have used it as a theme or motif in paintings, photographs, music, and literature. Some have even proposed to incorporate the spiral into the design of public spaces, buildings, or products as a symbol of beauty, wonder, and resilience.

5 Possible Explanations for the Spiral in the Alaskan Sky:

  • A light vortex or polar stratospheric cloud caused by atmospheric conditions
  • Reflection or refraction of sunlight by ice crystals or water droplets in the atmosphere
  • A rocket launch or missile test by the military or space agency
  • An optical illusion or visual artifact due to camera or lens distortion
  • A hoax or prank by someone using a laser or a drone

6 Ways to Experience and Enjoy the Northern Lights:

  • Travel to the Arctic or subarctic regions during winter or spring
  • Join a guided tour or expedition to hunt for the northern lights with knowledgeable and skilled guides
  • Stay in a cozy and comfortable lodge or hotel with a view of the northern lights and other natural wonders
  • Learn about the science, folklore, and cultural significance of the northern lights from local experts and storytellers
  • Experiment with photography, painting, or other art forms to capture or express the beauty and mystery of the northern lights
  • Share the joy and wonder of the northern lights with family, friends, or strangers, and inspire them to appreciate and protect our planet’s treasures.

Comparing Light Vortices and Tornadoes:

FeaturesLight VorticesTornadoes
ShapeSpiral or vortexColumn or funnel
SizeSeveral kilometersSeveral hundred meters
DurationMinutes to hoursMinutes to tens of minutes
Wind SpeedUp to 100 km/hUp to 500 km/h
Air TemperatureBelow -78 °CAbove 20 °C
Formation MechanismAtmospheric physicsMeteorology
Frequency and LocationRare in polar regionsCommon in tornado alley

Mysterious spiral in Alaska? (Watch Video)


The mysterious spiral in the Alaskan sky is a fascinating and awe-inspiring event that showcases the power and beauty of nature and the ingenuity of science. It reminds us of the importance of curiosity, observation, and collaboration in exploring and understanding our world and ourselves.



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